Damin group "Mid-Autumn, broad Award" feast

[Date:2014/9/11]  Posted by:Damin Bio-Technology (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Whenever the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, the night felt in Minnan, high streets and back lanes will be heard when Peng Bo dice into bowl sweet tinkle. In Damin, this is also the custom of every year, every family reunion nights ago, group companies will be organized by the Department of large-scale lantern riddles and will, which conveyed the company for the whole group of brothers and sisters good wishes and deep care! Also comfort many uprooted Damin of home and family continuously miss feeling!

In September 4th this year and September 5th night, Damin group ushered in the number of participants reached a new climax of historical kind of ceremony, Damin big family gathered together, to celebrate the reunion, CO Bo a year good luck!

With the opening music sounded, the guests and the group colleagues arrived, before the Bo activities began, group vice president Zhang Yuanzhi Mr speech, on behalf of the group of companies to extend my best wishes and sincere greetings to the guests and the group of colleagues, and sincerely thank you for the group with the benevolence of the tireless pay and hard dedication, also announced that the lantern riddles and the Bo activities officially started.

Bo activities officially began, the scene nearly 140 table blog, surging crowds and the sound of the dice collision sound ear, faces and peals of laughter fill Bo site. After a wonderful fierce competition, dozens of number one scholar of talent showing itself, and in September 5th the king and king of Kings tournament held the champion decided that night, "king of kings" lucky end up producing center Mr. Wang, the joy and excitement and Damin share! Bo activities ended, Damin people count its booty Yiyouweijin, return fully loaded!

In this harvest season, in this particular good night, let us strong with home and family debt of gratitude, let us harvest career fields produce fruits, thanks to the group of colleagues and Damin together! Wish Damin and Damin Tongren climbs, the more beautiful tomorrow!