Damin international group was invited to attend the 2014 Chinese tea, Coffee, plant beverage development seminar

[Date:2014/9/18]  Posted by:Damin Bio-Technology (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.
On -17 September 16, 2014, sponsored by the China Beverage Industry Association's "2014 China tea, coffee, beverage plants development seminar" held in Shanghai. This meeting to continue the previous conference and promote the development of the industry, set up a communication platform for enterprise purposes, of common concern to invite experts from related fields as industry discussion.

Damin International Group operations President Mr. Chimboke was invited to participate in this conference, meeting in a humorous speech form as "the future development of tea and Coffee beverage trends" report, he pointed out that the current beverage industry is undergoing significant transformation in structure, some small and medium-sized beverage company is growing fast. As consumers of health awareness, health care more rich connotation is the future trend of important development of the beverage industry.