Warmly celebrate Zhangzhou City Golf Association Golf interest class "on September 27th formally opened!!!

[Date:2014/9/30]  Posted by:Damin Bio-Technology (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.
9:00--11:30 on the morning of September 27th, the Zhangzhou City Golf Association practice field scenes are very lively, golf classes in the practice field opened training association.
The first phase of the original registration number of students qualified 12 people, has 16 people in class learning interest in excess. Enroll students from Zhangzhou all primary school students, ranging in age between 7 ---12 years of age. Now, let's enjoy the ball friends learning golf wonderful picture.

Attached: Golf interest class enrollment introduction
(1) the following conditions:
* object: the first grade to the sixth grade;
* equipment cabin, casual sportswear, clothing collar as well;
* play interest classes, students need their parents, to ensure the safety of.
(2) as follows:
* training: golf etiquette, basic knowledge of golf, golf entry training;
* curriculum: interest period of six class, course arrangement on Saturday;
* class time for the morning 9:00 11:30;
* interest class full free, professional coach team guidance.
The first phase of the students have been filled, welcome interested in kids may be concerned about the Zhangzhou high association website, public concern, (Zhangzhou golf), concerned about the second period of enrollment notice, thank you!
Advisory phone: what Secretary 15160050577
Address: Zhangzhou City, Lantian Development Zone Longteng Road No. 21, Tingyi Food Co., Ltd. next door.