Nine nine the Double Ninth Festival, long Damin feeling

[Date:2014/9/30]  Posted by:Damin Bio-Technology (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.
The Double Ninth Festival Eve, "Chung Yeung Festival nine nine, long Damin feeling" Damin Double Ninth activities held as scheduled in Zhangzhou cloud cave Rock Scenic Area 27 days this month. The Double Ninth Festival mountaineering is China tradition, as a carrier, this event is the heritage of the Chinese traditional festivals, but also enrich the Damin employee amateur cultural life, team consciousness, promote the interaction between colleagues and care.

In the morning 8 points, Damin participate in mountain climbing staff of 66 people, a total of 11 groups gathered cloud cave Rock Scenic Area entrance, the company's president and other leaders also Yue Pengxiang as notary personnel to participate in this event. Everybody is eager, eager, tension high, to strive for the champion team Damin chongyang.
When the game instructions rings, each staff enthusiasm, full of determination to conquer the peak started to climb, struggling to move forward towards the top of the hill. Along the way between the groups each other encourage each other talking and laughing, everywhere highlight the team spirit!

With a strong will and a road to accompany each other insist, each team member had to reach smoothly. We marvel at their unity and cooperation and make progress, the feeling in their climb to the top of the mountains and tenacious struggle, we also can not forget their summit that deep sense of joy and sense of achievement.
After the contest and competition strength, QC department eventually emerged as the activities of the big winner, not only receive the team champion, also won the individual male single crown, their good results! Believe that this event will give all participants left a precious and beautiful memories.

The Damin Chongyang mountaineering activities smoothly ended, effectively enhance the Damin employees collective sense of honor, enhance team cohesion. At the same time, also promoted the building of enterprise culture Damin group, rich Damin employee amateur cultural life, enhance employee mutual exchanges and communication. Hope Damin colleague grasps "fraternity, beyond" spirit of enterprise, beyond the self, solidarity, common development, and common progress Damin group!