Romance and beauty health drinks -- plateau rose

[Date:2014/10/31]  Posted by:Damin Bio-Technology (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Roses for dry buds of Rosaceae, also known as the wandering flowers, rose thorn, pen flower etc.. Since ancient times, because of its aroma charming, flower shaped beautiful and colorful and highly valued. The contained lower energy, nutrition structure is good, the chemical constituents of oil, flavonoids, tannins, fatty oil, amino acid and other volatile rich. Therefore, in addition to being a good ornamental flowers outside, roses can be used as a good food flowers. With beauty, activate collaterals, soften blood vessels, the cardiovascular, hypertension, heart disease and Gynecology a significant effect, can reconcile the liver and spleen, regulating qi and harmonizing stomach. But since the middle of Xinjiang plateau rose compared with ordinary rose rich aroma, bud is bigger, the content of total flavonoids was 1.2 times the rose of total flavonoids from ordinary rose, the health care effect winning the common rose, has high edible and medicinal value.

Rose often with tea or other herbs according to the proportion of mixed preparation into rose tea, rose tea, rose tea, common motherwort wolfberry rose tea, Honeysuckle Rose Tea etc.. Damin selects the high quality of Xinjiang plateau rose raw materials, use of modern extraction technology of preparing the plateau rose extract in combination with the production of freeze drying technology, product retained the nutritional value of raw materials, flavonoids content is higher, has strong antioxidant activity. Gentle, aroma, liquor color and bright, the taste is full, can be conditioning blood, promoting blood circulation, beauty beauty, Qi blood circulation, removing blood stasis, regulating Zang Fu organs function, suitable for rough skin, anemia, physical weakness and edible, especially for female consumers. In work and life more and more pressure today, can drink plenty of points, can also be very good comfort, emotional stability.