Zhangjiakou vice mayor Jia Lijun to visit to inspect the work of Damin

[Date:2014/11/7]  Posted by:Damin Bio-Technology (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.

In November 6, 2014, Zhangjiakou vice mayor Jia Lijun a line in Yang Wenbin, vice mayor of Zhangzhou City, the city government office director Shen Zhaokun and the Municipal Agriculture Office Deputy Director Li Ruilin accompanied by the leaders made a special trip to the Damin international R & D center and post doctoral scientific research workstation inspection visit. Group vice president Wang Jun to all the leaders of government detailing the company product development direction, development strategy. Jia vice mayor in a line of Damin extracting the effective ingredients in the tea, mangosteen, chrysanthemum and other crops in the high technology and scientific research achievements fully affirmed, and that a significant contribution and typical demonstration Damin as technology intensive enterprises independent innovation in China's economic transition in the industry make, worth learning.