Damin as captain of industry, talent is the most valuable wealth. For the development of talents, to attract the industry's elite to join Damin, we are committed to provide employees with challenging work, relaxed working atmosphere, the industry's top training, and competitive compensation and benefits.

Talent cultivation

1, training and re education

In Damin personnel training system, training mechanism is a very important part of. Training and education of ways including internal training and external classroom training, online training, on-the-job training, etc..

2, double track promotion system

Damin promotion way including job promotion and professional technologylevel promotion. For employees and Damin grow together, enhanced Daminpride and sense of ownership, to maintain the cohesion of the company.

3, a rotation system

Damin employees to change jobs after enough working years, to the Department in a different job or different departments continue to work,namely the Department within the rotation or cross sector rotation.Companies in the rotation problem will respect their thoughts, and try to provide more opportunities to achieve their personal choice.