Talent Development_Damin biological technology

Occupation Development

As the industry leader, Damin considers talents to be the most valuable treasure. To develop the excellent talents and attract the industrial elites to join Damin, we have been devoted to providing the challenging work, relaxing work atmosphere, industrial top training as well as the competitive salary and welfare for staffs.

Training and reeducation

In the talent cultivation system of Damin, the training mechanism is a very important component. The mode of training and reeducation includes the internal training, external class training, online training and on-the-job training.

Double-tract promotion system

Damin's promotion mode includes the duty promotion and professional and technical level promotion. It seeks the employees' growth with Damin together, strengthening the sense of pride and master of the staff of Damin and maintaining the company's cohesion.


Rotating system

Damin's staff can change the work post after having the enough working years, and continue to work in different work posts within the department or different departments, i.e., inner-department rotating or trans-department rotating. In terms of rotating, the company will respect the staff's idea and strive to provide more opportunities to realize their personal choice.