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  • Moistening lung with white

    Tonifying spleen recommendation: white kidney bean, white fungus, lily, Chinese yam, lotus root Efficacy interpretation: moisten lung and replenish qi, resolve phlegm to relieve cough
    White kidney bean: warm the middle warmer and lower qi, soothe intestines and stomach
    White fungus: moisten the intestines and reinforce the stomach, nourish qi and enrich the blood, strengthen heart and make the body strong
    Lily: moisten lung to arrest cough, sweet cool and insipidity and moist
    Chinese yam: invigorate spleen and nourish lung; reinforce kidney and replenish vital essence
    Lotus root: relax the bowels and stop diarrhea, invigorate spleen and whet the appetite

  • Tonifying spleen with yellow

    Tonifying spleen recommendation: pumpkin, corn, soybean, burdock, tangerine peel and other materials, or green natural fruit and vegetable flours and plant extracts of Damin. [effect] interpretation of Qi and spleen, dampness and phlegm
    Pumpkin: Invigorating Qi, diminishing inflammation and relieving pain,
    Corn: tune appetizer, Yi lung Ning heart
    Soy: hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering, whitening skin care
    Burdock: lowering blood pressure, weight loss, anti-cancer
    Orange: spleen dampness, phlegm, regulating.

  • Nourish heart with red1

    [Heart nourishing recommendation] carrot, tomato, hawthorn, red date, wolfberry and other materials or green natural fruit and vegetable flours of Damin. [Efficacy interpretation] tonify kidney and improve wisdom, nourish heart and soothe the nerves
    Carrot: nourish liver and improve eyesight, soothe hiccups and strength intestinal tract movement
    Tomato: relieve heat and thirst, nourish yin and cool blood
    Hawthorn: whet the appetite and help digestion, activate blood circulation to dissipate stasis
    Red date: invigorate spleen-stomach and replenish qi, nourish spleen, moisten heart-lung
    Wolfberry: nourish qi and intensify energy, nourish liver and kidney

  • Tonify kidney with black

    Tonifying kidney recommendation: oat flour, semen coicis flour, barley flour, black rice flour, black fungus Efficacy interpretation: strengthen kidney and tonify yin
    Black rice: strengthen kidney and tonify yin, conserve strength and replenish vital essence
    Black fungus: nourish blood and reinforce the stomach, enrich yin and moisten dryness
    Semen coicis: invigorate spleen (sweet in taste), remove noxious influences and nourish healthy qi

  • Liver clearing with green

    [Liver nourishing recommendation] celery, cucumber, bitter melon, green apple, spinach and other materials, or green natural fruit and vegetable flours of Damin [Efficacy interpretation]
    clear heat and remove toxicity, nourish the liver and protect liver
    Celery: clear heat and remove toxicity, calm the liver and reduce pressure
    Cucumber: clear heat, promote urination, clear toxic materials
    Bitter melon: blood and liver nourishing, detoxify and beautify
    Green apple: nourish the liver, clear toxic materials, reinforce the stomach and invigorate spleen