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R & D strength

Damin Biotechnology has a professional and highly-educated R&D team professionally engaging in R&D of food, functional food, plant extracts and health care products, and its professions have involved in the multiple disciplines such as nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine and food engineering.

Mainly with the natural herbaceous plants, animals and marine organisms as the research object, it has developed the healthy products most suitable for the consumers. Meanwhile, we have inherited the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, taking Chinese medicinal materials of medicine and food homology as the food materials, conducted the medicine compatibility and matching research under the guidance of the traditional Chinese medicine theory and developed the health food most keeping the good health to meet the customers' diversified demands.

Currently, R&D Center has been equipped with the pilot equipment such as countercurrent extractor, membrane filtration system, reverse osmosis concentration system, freezer dryer and UHT sterilization. The laboratory has been equipped with the advanced detection instruments such as HPLC, UV, GC, GC-MS, HPLC-MS and atomic absorption spectrometer to fully guarantee the product quality and safety.

The series of products researched and developed by our company can be widely used in various products such as liquid beverage, solid drinks, tablets, capsules, tea bags and nutrition bars.

Customized service

We have the multiple sets of complete advanced production equipment which can meet the production requirements of different packing specifications;
The company has the 100,000-class purification solid drink manufacturing workshop equipped with the complete set of process equipment of all types, such as solid drink mixing, granulation and packing. It can produce the packing style such as Stick, square and cup-shape, with the multiple packing specifications such as 0.5g-10g Stick packing, 15g-32g Stick or square, and 500g/1kg big packing. Team service can be customized to provide the tea bag nylon triangle bag and cotton paper bag (specification of nylon triangle bag: 2-4g, specification of cotton paper bag: 2.5-100g) packing service, and we are your best partner of OEM and ODM health products.

Cooperation with universities and colleges

Damin International Group has jointly cultivated the bachelor, master and post-doctoral talents with the domestic relevant universities to jointly declare the municipal-level and provincial-level key scientific research projects and provided the solid talent reserve force.