Damin biological technology
Reports of FI Asia 2017 (Food Ingredients)
Date:2017-09-18 Publisher:Damin biological technology Zhangzhou Co. Ltd.
As an expert in global health drinks, Damin has been focusing on Plant Energy Drinks, Tea & Coffee, Herbs & Natural Sweeteners and the "essence of treasures" plant extract solid drinks in the exhibition.

During the exhibition, new and old customers of Damin come in a throng to the exhibition area of Damin. Plant energy beverages and mogrosides have attracted much more attention, and through the taste of tea, herbs and coffee products on site, Damin has provided customers with new ideas and experience of health drinks, which has obtained many favorable comments.
In the future, Damin will continue to respond to the call of the country's policy of "Healthy China", continue to develop new natural healthy ingredients, products and overall solutions suitable for food and beverage, catering, health care products, etc. combined with the overall trend of the target market and customers in various countries and regions and carry out deep and wide exchange and cooperation with customers at home and abroad to constantly meet the market and consumer demands, continue to practice the goal of harmonious development between man and nature and help Southeast Asian countries and neighboring countries and regions with economic growth.